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We Love Our kids and What We Do!

Many children can benefit from receiving pediatric dental care because these dentists are trained and skilled in all aspects of dentistry for children. It is very common now for a parent to choose a pediatric dentist for a child’s dental needs, just as they would choose a pediatrician for their children’s medical needs. 

Preventative Care 

Enjoy the peace of mind of healthy teeth and gums from infancy to adulthood.


  • Help to establish healthy habits to keep your child's teeth and gums clean and cavity free

  • Support eliminating unhealthy habits like thumb sucking

  • Do semi-annual checkups that include dental exams, cleaning, and x-rays so we can find and treat problems early

  • Discuss whether treatments like fluoride and sealants are necessary to maintain your child's oral health

Restorative Care

Fix dental problems so you can quickly and comfortably restore your child's oral health.


  • Replace cavities with fillings to prevent further decay

  • Prolong the life of teeth with baby root canals, pulpotomies or other nerve treatments

  • Restore function and strength with crowns

  • Place space maintainers to ensure proper positioning of adult teeth

  • Resolve complex dental problems with oral surgery

  • Calm anxious children safely and comfortably with the use of nitrous oxide or general anesthetia

Emergency Treatment

Treat dental trauma and other emergencies quickly to restore comfort and promote healthy healing.

  • Find and treat the cause of a persistent toothache, abscess or facial swelling

  • Fix a broken (fractured) tooth

  • Reinsert and treat a knocked out adult tooth