Do I Have To Floss My Childs Teeth?

Flossing is an integral part of keeping teeth strong and healthy! A common question asked by many parents is do I have to floss my child’s teeth? The answer is yes! Once your child has reached the age where the teeth are touching then it is important to start the flossing process. It is significant just as for adults that we get between the teeth and clean them properly especially, in the places that are hard to reach for a toothbrush. The best maneuver to use while flossing your child’s teeth is to have them lie down on the bed with their head in your lap so that you can reach right back to their molars without causing discomfort to your child. To make flossing more enjoyable for your child and easier for you try using floss picks with the bright colors for children and a handle for you to hold the task will be faster and hassle free.

So don’t forget to floss your child’s teeth this holiday season with all the cookies, hot chocolate and candy canes they will need it!

Welcome to the Flossing Club!!!

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